Conference partners


Association of European Cancer Leagues,
coordinators of the cancer prevention and health promotion work package
in the European Partnership for Action Against Cancer


in partnership with

Masaryk University, Institute of Biostatistics and Analyses United European Gastroenterology Society of Gastrointestinal Oncology United Europe against Colon Cancer
Society of General Practice  Czech Society for Oncology Czech Society of Gastroenterology International Agency for Research on Cancer
Coordination Centre for Health Sector Information Systems      


and patients´ organizations

Czech ILCO   League Against Cancer Prague   OnkoMaják


under the auspices of honorable

Roman Onderka, Mayor of the City of Brno; Leoš Heger, Czech Minister of Health; Pavel Poc, Member of the European Parliament


and with the kind support of

John Dalli, EU Commissioner for Health and Consumer Policy