ICT WORKSHOP: Data-based Support and Promotion of CRC Screening: How to Make it Effective and Sustainable?

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Chairs: O. Májek & T. Pavlík

Contributing speakers:

  • T. Průša
    Social media and healtcare
  • L. Colemont
    Can social media stop CRC?
  • O. Májek
    Efficacy, effectiveness, quality: sources of data
  • P. Poc
    Are we able to communicate financial benefits of the CRC prevention in a convincing way?
  • J. Gregor
    Spreading information on CRC screening: Czech experience
  • T. Pavlík
    Information on CRC patients prognosis: useful for communication of CRC screening benefits?
  • General discussion

Workshop aims to initiate an open discussion how to increase attractiveness of the CRC prevention and how to deliver its promotion to a wide range of its potential clients, physicians, politicians, patients. All these “targets” require responsible and convincing assessment and reporting of currently available data on power, quality and added value of colorectal cancer screening. Modern CRC screening needs tailored communication strategies translating knowledge-based recommendation to different target groups in a way which matches their characteristics and preferences.

“Data rich – information poor” has become an obligatory phrase or a widely accepted “professional dialect” which is also associated with the health care. It might also apply to the colorectal cancer screening, but not necessarily. Most problems can be avoided by sharing knowledge, reducing the uncertainties and by an effective communication on multiple levels. Progress in colorectal cancer prevention increasingly requires standardized and multi-disciplinary exploitation of information resources and their usage in all levels of the “information pyramid” that supports the CRC screening:

  • widespread “CRC-education” strategy, addressing also young generation
  • widespread advertising and image-making promotion of screening and prevention
  • addressed invitation and recalling of the target population to the screening
  • quality assurance and control, including its international benchmarking
  • cross-boundary communication and networking


  1. Pros and cons of different data-based information strategies supporting CRC screening in real world of health care
  2. Are we able to communicate financial benefits of the CRC prevention in a convincing way?
  3. E-learning, e-networking, …..e-promotion: can it work?

Most principal questions to be answered are where to get relevant data base and how to optimize CRC communication in a changeable health care world, where new knowledge is continuously accumulating through growing experience and medical research and where any statement can be regarded just as “snapshot in time” of the given state. Hospital-based, routinely renewable sources of clinical data will be presented as a tool in service of CRC screening promotion. Potential role of modern communication modes including social networks in sustainable promotion of cancer prevention will be discussed.