GPs and other medical specialists in 1st line support of colorectal cancer screening

Postconference workshop

May 5, 2012, 14.00 – 15.30

Chairs: B. Seifert, B. Skála + contributing speakers: N. Král, A. Skřivánek, P. Kocna, V. Válek

This highly interactive workshop will focus on challenges and potential barriers in colorectal cancer screening at the primary care level. Currently used or potentially usable CRC screening test modalities will be discussed. The main issues to be addressed involve questions such as:

  • What matters most in colorectal cancer screening: adherence, choice of tests, capacity for colonoscopy or data collection?
  • Are we able to implement new modalities in CRC screening without negatively impacting compliance of the target population?
  • Does a wider spectrum of available tests improve or deteriorate screening performance and effectiveness?


  • B. Seifert, B. Skála: GPs are not alone but still the main power in the 1st line of CRC prevention
  • N. Král: Role of GPs in CRC screening in data-based survey via Europe
  • A. Skřivánek: Role of gynaecologists in the primary care system
  • P. Kocna: Immunochemical faecal occult blood tests (iFOBT) for colorectal cancer screening
  • V. Válek: Virtual colonoscopy – a screening opportunity for specifically indicated clients?
  • Other short contributions from the audience are welcome.

Multidisciplinary discussion dealing with important organizational aspects of CRC screening will focus on:

  • Adherence of target population
  • Sustainability of the coverage reached so far
  • Diagnostic modalities employed in the screening programme: gFOBT vs. iFOBT, FOBT vs. colonoscopy – synergy or competitive position?
  • How to address target population – invitation, promotion
  • Organizational background of the CRC prevention and screening
    • Views of experts from different fields, sharing of experience
    • Time schedule of diagnostic steps, management of positive findings, waiting time, management of follow-up, etc.